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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Need for speed Undercover, Download torrent

Need for speed, as the name suggests is a racin game. Shats!! why did i write that. everyone in the world knows that. We bring to you the latest version Of the NFS series "NFS Undercover" with better Graphics, Better Dificulty And off course a better Torrent.

To see other images of the game click these external images at your own risk:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Torrent details:

Leeches: 401
4.18 GB in 1 file.

Trackers: 1128 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 0.4 hours ago884 seeds, 1788 leechers, 15969 downloads 884 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 1.7 hours ago860 seeds, 1711 leechers, 15709 downloads 860 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 1.3 hours ago859 seeds, 1746 leechers, 15956 downloads 859 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 1.2 hours ago80 seeds, 170 leechers, 665 downloads 80 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 0.3 hours ago78 seeds, 197 leechers, 8496 downloads 78 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 2.5 hours ago76 seeds, 156 leechers, 303 downloads 76 seeds
Tracker up, last checked 3.2 hours ago60 seeds, 116 leechers, 347 downloads 60 seeds
Tracker down, last changed -1 hours ago? seeds, ? leechers, ? downloadsOriginal, primary tracker ? seeds

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