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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cars in India

Cars charm one and all, be it a new car or a used one. They are in many colors, many varieties and models of cars on sale. The craze for cars never seems to end. In fact the car market is swamped with all segments of cars viz. sports cars, big cars, small cars, rental cars, cheap cars and many others. Even in developing countries like India, the car market has witnessed tremendous growth in the recent years. As a result the competition among the car manufacturer is also increasing and they are finding innovative ways of capturing the market. Indian auto industry has revved up and is making its impact felt. The small car segment in India has attracted the most attention. Maruti 800, one of the first city cars, manufactured by Maruti Udyog Ltd in India,it is the largest selling car in India. There are lots of people trying to make most of it.

Today if customers can’t afford to buy a new car they can go for used cars. There are a number of car owners that are interested to sell car. Customers can buy rental cars, new car or even used cars. To search for used cars is not that difficult.

There are used car dealers, car websites and car dealerships that sell a car at nominal rates. Before buying a new car, don’t forget to check out the new car prices.

About Maruti

This will cover the entire period from the inception of Maruti, its policy during the 90s to fight back competitors, Its policy today to fight back, launch of new cars, some interesting facts like Maruti has largest number of dealer network, it started in collaboration with Suzuki then the equation changed and today it has larger share than Suzuki and anything that you think can interest any one who is reading about Maruti page.

In 1980s Maruti Udyog Limited was conceived under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 as a joint venture of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. This vision could be inspired from the idea of provision of better mode of personal transportation to Indian public. The early 1980s Indian road scene witnessed scooters, rickshaws, Fiat Padmini and Hindustan Ambassador plying on Indian roads.

Opting for a vehicle implied booking and waiting, for some number of years to finaly able to own and ride a vehicle. The scene of automobile manufacturing and better transportation option was slow and drab.

On the overall, the main goal of Maruti Suzuki India is to provide the Indian population with compact, light weight, fuel efficient and low maintenance cars which are apt and suitable for best driving experience on Indian road conditions and weather situations as well.

Since commencement of its operations in India, Maruti Suzuki has gone way ahead in providing almost 7.5 million vehicles in India....Today it is capable of selling 500,000 cars in India's domestic market. The export scene state almost 500,000 cars exported globally and while annually it can export 30,000 cars.

Various multinational car companies are also selling diverse models of cars in India. You will find all types of cars in India. As some people are competing to grab the latest model, the used car market is also growing at a parallel speed. Even big car companies themselves are now buying used cars and reselling them. Another notable development in the automobile industry is the rising popularity of the rental cars in India. This is mainly due to the influx of population from smaller towns to the big cities and expansion of the business community. Car rental agencies have also emerged in large numbers to target the car crazy generation.

Production Facilities

Gurgaon Facility: This facility has 3 plants which are fully integrated and they can produce 350,000 cars annually. Most of the work is done by 150 robots out of which 71 robots have been indigenously developed.Majority of the employees have been trained in Japan. The Gurgaon facility also contains th KB Engine plant which can produced 240,00 engines annually. This engine is fitted in the Maruti A-Star car which is the latest launch of Maruti Suzuki.

Manesar Facility: Formally launched in 2007 , from this facility various cars models such as A-Star, Swift & SX4 and Dzire have been rolled out. This is another highly automated plant especially in the areas of press shop, weld shop and paint shop ensuring high quality of work and accuracy at any juncture. The capacity of this facility is slated to reach 300,000 annually this year from 100,000 currently.

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