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Monday, 18 May 2009

Aishwariya Rai spits off Sonam Kapoor

Putting her foot down, Aishwarya Rai refuses to let Sonam Kapoor walk the red carpet as the face of the international cosmetic brand which is endorsed by both of them.

If its Aiswarya Rai, controversy follows her if you talk about the red carpet at Cannes. Last time it was for her awful fashion sense and this it’s the cat-fight with Bollywood newcomer Sonam Kapoor.

Added to the list of ambassadors this year itself, Sonam Kapoor was promised by the company that she would be accompanying Aishwarys Rai Bachchan, Eva Longoria and Michelle Yeoh on the red carpet.

“Being on the same platform as Aishwarya, for me, is a big deal in itself,” the younger actress had cooed excitedly.

Considering Cannes to be her domain, when Aishwarya came to know of the news that the limelight would be shared by Sonam Kapoor as well, she went crazy.

But her deal with the company is clear that she would be the international face while Sonam would be the Indian face. For a moment she thought that Sonam was being misled, but when she found the actual story she put her foot down.

A final official statement is yet awaited from the company.

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