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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Freida Pinto’s loo pictures rocking the web

Dusky Beauty Freida Pinto has quite a quintessential repute to live up to. She has been the topic of envy for Hollywood beauties owing to her skyrocketing success and constant positioning in the most venerated beauty lists.

The lady, who has always been posing all prim and proper with her powder and rouge done to perfection, was recently caught without any make-up by the photographer.

The sizzling Miss Pinto was looking not-so-beautiful as she came out of the loo while shooting for Julian Schnabel`s ‘Miral’ in Jerusalem. The pictures that have become a cause of despise for the vanity stricken beauty have become a huge hit n the web.

Frenzied by the event, she has now insisted upon the director to double her security. The demand was met with a polite nod of approval by her director.

But this is not the only loo story of Frieda Pinto. Some time back there was another episode in which she used to spend some time with friend Dev Patel in the loo of a 5-star hotel, catching time in-between promotions and publicity interviews.

2 reponses:

KartofflMuter 14 May 2009 at 05:53  

Gosh. I wonder how ugly a 24 year old beautiful girl is without her makeup? Must be pretty scary,right? I have 2 daughters. They are 17 and 27. Since their father is an Indian,I can relate. Pretty scary. Their hair-stupid. Their faces are gorgeous. Golden complexions that other people spend forever in tanning salons trying to achieve withithout lines or burning (or drying or cancer.) Those slightly tilted eyes,in their case hazel with gold flecks,profiles that are perfect,delicate ears, pink petal lips with a touch of dusky pout, thick long lashes. Yes That 3 seconds of make-up might help at their age. But only for the camera. Quelle suprise! A tempest in a teapot. Even I can go out without make-up, and I'm no model. Men. Hold yourselves to that standard you bunch of donkeys.You'd need to wear bags over your heads.
"Donald Trump was seen in public today without his burkha. Seven innocent bystanders had to be hospitalized. Mr. Trumps' representative apologized profusely saying Mr Trump had missed a dose of his Government prescribed reality drugs and had slipped out ,once again,without his handlers,his full body covering,and most of all,without the required lead full headcovering mandated since 1967."

Rohit 15 May 2009 at 16:20  

it was very nice to hear your comments..

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