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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Yash Raj Steals "New York"'s Script, Claims Suchitra

Scriptwriter Suchitra Bhatia claims that ‘New York’ was her story which she has penned three years back and even narrated the script to Yash Raj Films Arjun Sablok. Suchitra expressed her shock that Yash Raj has made a film on the script written by her without her knowledge. Her story titled, Osama – A Love Story.

Suchita said, “I wrote to Aditya Chopra in August 2006 regarding two stories I had. He asked director Arjun Sablok to get in touch with me. He contacted me and we fixed up a meeting at the YRF studio. On September 1, I met Arjun and narrated two story ideas to him. He was extremely happy with the stories. I still remember him exclaiming ‘Wow!’ I kept writing to him, but there was no response and I gave up as I got busy with other work. To my surprise, after three years, I saw New York and was disheartened to know what they had done: using my story without even informing me, let alone give me any credit.”

Suchitra said that she has written to Aditya Chopra and Arjun Sablok but did not get any reply from them. She has registered her script with the Writer’s association in 2006 and filed a complaint with the association.

However, Arjun Sablok denies the news and claimed it is nothing more then a cheap publicity by the scriptwriter.

Image Courtesy: Bollywoodmantra

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