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Monday, 24 August 2009

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)

Announced in April during Capcom's Captivate 09 in Monte Carlo, here's a look at Europe's Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP bundle, which includes a Mystic Silver PSP and a little bit of swag.

The box is quite lovely, but what comes inside? Along with the game and the aforementioned Mystic Silver PSP-3000, those picking up the bundle will also receive an ugly gold PSP case, some sort of keychain dragon pendant looking thing, and a sticker to put over said Mystic Silver PSP-3000. I suppose that could be enticing to some Europeans out there, as they are a varied and mysterious people.

Personally I'm a bit wary of purchasing a new PSP-3000 since Sony made the PSPgo official, questioning the logistics of shelling out for a new PSP-3000 with a brand-new unit just around the corner. I suppose you can always trade it in when the time is right.




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