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Monday, 17 August 2009

Batman: Justice Unbalanced

A night time theft of jeweled, ornamental eggs is more than it seems. Batman uncovers an explosive plot between Two-Face and the Penguin that threatens the life of Commissioner Gordon and destruction of Gotham City`s Statue of Justice. It`s up to you to help Batman solve the mystery before it`s too late! Use Batman`s devices to gather clues and solve the mystery.


-Unravel clues to the whereabouts of the stolen jeweled eggs, while fighting criminals and bringing villains to justice
-Follow the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder as they teach kids about logical deduction and observation
-Fun & exciting game teaches critical thinking, listening, hypothesis testing, and pattern recognition skills
-Ages 7-10
-Figure out the pattern to disarm the Penguin`s electrified umbrella shield.
-Decipher coded clues using the powerful Bat Computer to solve the mystery.
-Join Batman and Robin as they race to save Gotham City from Two-Face and the Penguin.
-5 exciting activities per game, each with multiple puzzles
-3 levels of difficulty from beginner to expert
-Help feature available when needed
-Builds vital thinking skills like problem solving, logical thinking, listening skills, organising information and sequencing.

Installation Notes:
1. UnZip.
2. UnAce or run included installer.
3. Hit Setup.bat to decompress music.
4. Run the game with Bat2.exe. Press spacebar to get past the black screen.


2 reponses:

Anonymous,  19 August 2009 at 19:42  

Hey i download the game but winrar asking for password to unrar it ! wats the password? thanks

Rohit 19 August 2009 at 21:02  

There is no password on the file.

But still if you face the problem then please visit our ' USEFUL TOOLS' section and download the winrar password remover

best of luck.

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