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Saturday, 22 August 2009

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

For anyone who missed Massive Entertainment's World in Conflict when it was
shipped in late 2007, the newly released Complete Edition is an easy
recommendation. It includes the original content along with what comes along with the Soviet Assault add-on. The game offers some fantastic real-time tactical gameplay mixing control of tanks, troops, transports, artillery, and airborne units with the ability to call in a variety of bombs and explosive strikes on the battlefield. In addition, it features a campaign driven by a slickly presented storyline built around the idea of the Soviet Union invading the United States in 1989. The characters are strong, the cut-scenes well-directed and written, and the way the resource system, unit production, and special abilities are integrated and streamlined provides for some accessible, energetic gameplay that's even better online. Included in the Complete Edition are six campaign missions new to the game presented from the perspective of the Soviet forces.



Discs...................: 1.
Size....................: 7.03 GB
Game Type.........: Strategy
Image Type........: Alcohol (MDF, MDS)
File Type.............: Split RAR, 200MB

Install info:

1. Mount / Burn image file.
2. Install game with serial provided.
3. Enjoy.

p.s. Please note,
There is no online play with this copy.



2 reponses:

Anonymous,  24 August 2009 at 13:25  

I like this Blog

Rohit 24 August 2009 at 15:29  

Thank you very much.

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