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Friday, 18 September 2009

openCanvas 4.5.18

openCanvas4.5 is the great painting and illustration software with a lot of
new and improved features for not only experienced artists but also

New openCanvas4.5 is more functional painting and illustration software with
renewed GUI (graphic User Interface).

High performance image can be reproduced using pen for smooth and
beautiful lines, brush of watercolor and supported several kinds of layers.

Additional features of "Grabber", Brush Tip" and enhanced event file effect
more wonderful artworks.

openCanvas 4.5 cultivates new possibility on your illustration.

The event playback function

The event playback feature is one of the excellent functions on openCanvas.
If you like drawing, you must have thought at least one time how the image is drawn.
Using the "Event File", the artist can record their drawing session and play it back to view how artwork is created exactly.
It is very simple. You can check out the exact sequence and techniques on your PC just by downloading the event file from OpenCanvas User Community.
Moreover, openCanvas4.5 has enhanced event function with additional features of "Event (Log)", "Wait (Time)", and others, and it is extremely easier to use it now.
New openCanvas 4.5 would be the great tutor and helps you to find new discovery.

Smooth and fine sensation of drawing with Pen Tablet

In openCanvas, fine pen pressure of the pen tablet is sensed, and you can feel detailed and smooth drawing.
Since there are variegated drawing tools such as brush for smooth and fine line and pen of the watercolor style, various drawing expressions are possible.

openCanvas supports several unique features of drawing such as "Filter", "Layer" and "Tool".

* Filter (Sharp,Blur,Emboss and more) 35 Kinds
* Layer (Additional, Screen, Burn and more) 22 Kinds
* Tool (Pen,Move,Full-Color and more) 18 Kinds

Moreover, there also are the functions not provided in past painting software, such as free rotation of canvas.

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